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The T.S.I. shipyard (Tec Service Italia) is equipped with advanced technology in the construction of steel and marine aluminum boats. Thanks to the culture and construction technique that characterizes the staff, the shipyard is placed at the top of its category in Italy.

The construction capacity of the site provides a maximum length of 50 meters.

The T.S.I. creates boats of exceptional strength, managing to meet the needs of shipowners and pleasure with the application of advanced propulsion systems and the creation of interior fittings.

The attention to detail is the strength thanks to which the company is able to make boats suitable for navigation even in every weather conditions, with a sea and speed seal designed to ensure maximum comfort for passengers.

The T.S.I. offers boats designed by the best Italian naval design, intended for pleasure and professional fishing, recreational, S.A.R. for sea rescue, pilot boats, tugboats. All boats are designed with technical features to best use:

ample workspace
large load capacity
high stability
remarkable maneuverability
high power
reduced fuel consumption
T.S.I is at the forefront for the production of anti-pollution devices for environmental protection. The commitment pursued is to combine technological development with the need to make human and maritime activities less impactful on the sea.