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TEC SERVICE ITALIA SRL test benches are complete and performing, suitable for testing engines of any type under all possible conditions. The benches are arranged in a suitable structure, with the plant suitable for the normal execution of the tests also for engines that are without auxiliaries or their own cooling and lubrication systems. The desks have software for data analysis. The engine power test benches are available in three versions: 200 HP, 500 HP, 3000 HP. Our desks are RI.N.A. The test bench is a measuring instrument, designed for the detection of mechanical characteristics of engines, power and consumption. It is therefore possible to detect the characteristics in the different operating modes (from the minimum to the maximum allowed by the characteristics of the engines) by means of a device capable of applying a resistive torque that can be modulated to the axis of the test engine. The engine starts (which must be at normal temperature) and accelerates. Then you slow down until the minimum sustainable regime and then open the throttle until you get the engine all the revs it is capable of. This procedure, in technical jargon, is called “ramp” or “launch”.

The quality that distinguishes Tec Service Italia has allowed us to obtain the following Certifications:
1. Certification of the Quality System, according to the UNI-EN ISO 9001-2015 Standard Cert. Num. QMS/01037131-20
2. Certification of the Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001: 2015 Cert. Num. 573 / IT-ES
3. Certification of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SGSSL) according to BS-OHSAS 45001: 2018 Cert. No. 321 / IT-OH
4. Certification for metal carpentry work according to the UNI EN ISO 3834-4: 2005 standard Cert. No. 115 / IT-3834


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