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The T.S.I. performs assistance, maintenance and repair work on engines and auxsiliary services of passenger, military, commercial and cargo ships, during operation in port or at sea. The highly qualified technicians perform interventions even in emergency situations in any place in the world.

The know-how gained with the experience in the production facilities of energy, oil and engineering, allows the company to be a point of reference in the solution of maintenance and overhaul problems for mechanical equipment in the industrial sector.

In the oil sector, the Tec Service Italia shipyard is particularly involved in the field of safety and the environment, with maintenance and repairs of engines  compressor set units, fire-fighting motor-pump units, anti-pollution barriers, motor pump units, foaming units.

The activities of competence are:

repair and / or general maintenance of diesel engines of any type and power
overhaul and / or repair to machine tools of engine parts
machining of parts up to 10 tons of weight
construction of components
preventive, scheduled and emergency maintenance service
turbo blower review
balancing of rotors
Injection plant review
compressor revision
review of pumps, valves etc.
repair of naval electrical installations (by partners)
repair of naval electronic equipment (by partners)
review of hydraulic turbines with action and reaction
repair and maintenance of naval propulsion and government organs
review of winches and windlass
The mechanical workshop is equipped with machinery and measuring instruments adequately maintained to ensure compliance of the processes and products delivered to the customer.

Tec Service Italia has set itself the goal of becoming a leader in its sector, in particular by expanding its machinery in the Grinding sector.

Mechanical work is carried out in the most varied application sectors, taking into consideration both the single and small-medium-large series.

In the Grinding sector, the T.S.I., with regard to engine maintenance, offers the following services:

grinding drums and brake discs
grinding flywheel friction and pushing disc
boring bench bronzes, connecting rod bushings, bench bearing bushings, connecting rod housing
tested faceplate
cam axis adjustment
cylindrical grinding
cylindrical plane adjustment
crankshaft adjustment
stellitatures on seats and shutters for exhaust valves
metal coatings for piston heads
repair of cast iron parts
The services offered by Tec Service Italia include overhauling and refurbishing of complete systems.

Tec Service also has a mobile workshop, ready to work 24 hours a day with equipment suitable to operate on any mechanical means with diesel, electric or hydraulic problems.